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Please review the feedback from just a few of my satisfied clients:

"Andrew gets it.  My husband, children and I have trained with Andrew and each of us have had a unique plan.  Andrew has supported me through injuries, rehab, and overall strength and fitness work.  He goes the extra mile - designing programs, educating, and truly caring.  Plus, he is a wonderful human being; a great person with a positive outlook to come into your home."

Ann C., 60

Corporate Consultant, Potomac, MD

"While working out with Andrew, he helped me lose weight (35lbs.) and improve my physical conditioning. Thanks to Andrew’s guidance and support, I have increased my endurance and improved my muscle tone and my energy level is much higher throughout the day."

Jon M., 39

Human Resources Director, Silver Spring MD

"Following my first two months of training with Andrew I experienced some very positive changes. My arms and midsection have gotten stronger and more firm. Also, on a recent hike with my family I noticed how strong my legs and core felt and how much my balance had improved. This certainly helped me navigate some pretty rocky and steep terrain. I'm very pleased with my results thus far." 

Joy B., 65

   Nurse/Educator, Washington DC

"Prior to training with Andrew, I was often short of breath from the simplest activity such as taking out the garbage and/or climbing stairs. Now, I am more energized and I am also experiencing more self-confidence as a result of this training experience. I enjoy the training very much and look forward to each session. Clearly, Andrew deserves the credit for this very positive experience.”

Arlene D., 69

Labor Relations Consultant, Washington DC

“With Andrew’s guidance, I have made great progress. I feel more positive in general and less crabby. I feel more in control of my life because I’ve proved to myself that I can accomplish something that was very far outside of my comfort zone – I feel like a different person. I wouldn’t have achieved as much without him.”

Gwen B., 55

Retired, Silver Spring MD

“The sessions have been going really well.  I can feel the benefits of the workouts (clothes fit better, weight down and I don't feel like I'm going to keel over when I have to run to catch the bus).  They've also helped with my running/walking as I've been trying to go 1 - 3 times a week.  Overall I know this is a positive step in the right direction and I actually enjoy it, so I know I'll want to continue with the workouts.  You and Peter do a great job in keeping it interesting and challenging as well as providing tips for developing healthier habits."

Marlyss B. 44

Paralegal, Bethesda MD

“Andrew has gone above and beyond my expectations of a trainer. He recently put together a routine for me so that I could continue to workout while traveling and has helped to make beneficial changes to my diet and exercise regimen. I am a stronger, healthier person thanks to him.”

Tara S., 30

Student/Yoga Instructor, Georgetown

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