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How Can We Help You?


You can place your trust in us, as treating you and your body with respect is our prime directive. We can work with you in both the short and long-term to help you become the fit and healthy person you want to be.


Every exercise decision we make is based upon a careful assessment of your specific needs and expectations so as to provide you with the best possible workout experiences and health and fitness outcomes.



We offer in-home personal training in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, and Rockville, as well as personal training at Tidal Elite Performance Center in Tenleytown - Washington, DC.

30-minute, 45-minute and 55-minute training sessions are available.  Personal training gift certificates also available. 


Outdoor interval training sessions are open to people of all ages and fitness levels. Participants use their own bodyweight, balls, rubber tubing, and playground equipment for a fun and energizing workout that burns fat, improves stamina, and builds strength. 



It's a win-win.  Gain the expertise and guidance of a personal trainer at a reduced rate.  Groups range from 2-4 people.  You can form your own group or we can place you in a group of your peers based on age, gender, and fitness level.



Take advantage of the convenience, privacy, and comfort of exercising in your own home.  We can work indoors with the equipment we provide or take you outdoors for a workout while you enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  We can also help you set up a home gym that everyone in your household can benefit from.



Gym design and consulting services for designing and outfitting exercise rooms in hotels, condominiums, and apartment buildings.  On-site fitness centers are a great way to attract guests and residents to your facility.

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